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It’s understood that insurance might not be the thing that drives you to leap out of bed in the morning.  We get it!  Fortunately, we have simplified the process for completing applications, gathering information, reporting claims, and paying your bill.  Whether it’s our short application process, responsive customer support, prompt claims service, or electronic payment methods, your team at SafePark is always working on ways to keep less of you in our business and more of you in yours!

Property Coverage:

How your business protects your physical assets is critical to securing your financial interests.  Mistakes are often made when clients are left uninformed about how their coverage will respond in the event of a partial or total loss.  Most insurance contracts include provisions that will either extend, limit, or even exclude coverage.  Fortunately, we have tailored our programs to avoid common pitfalls by including specialized coverage for the entertainment & amusement industry.

Liability Coverage:

Accidents and incidents are going to happen.  We do our very best to prevent them from occurring, but there is no way to remove risk from the equation.  How your coverage responds to a claim will largely dictate the outcome for your business.  Proper underwriting is essential, which is why we only work with insurance companies that understand and devote the necessary resources to support our clients.

Workers' Compensation Coverage:

Employees are your frontline support; together they are responsible for executing the corporate mission, strategic plan, and preserving the integrity of your operations.  It is our responsibility to provide proper training and equipment so they can perform their jobs safely.  Nearly two thirds of all expenses associated with a work related injury is attributed to indirect claim costs.  We partner our clients with reputable insurance companies that offer robust claims and injury management support.

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