SafePark USA Resources

Injuries not only cause your insurance premiums to increase but they also cause a PR nightmare. There is some kind of inherent risk to all attractions, but with proper risk management we can mitigate those risk and be proactive in reducing the chance of an injury. This all leads to saving money and avoiding unhappy customers.

Warning Signs Aren’t Enough

Warning signs are a great tool but they usually look ugly or just don’t fit with the theme of the center. There is a good chance they won’t get seen.  We come to you and show you real solutions to reduce injuries.

Let us help you create a plan

Creating a plan is simple and we can help you do it. When you walk through your facility just once a week with a simple checklist can reduce slip and fall incidents and lead to lower insurance premiums.

We are ready when you are

We love what we do and we’re good at it.  Our approach is simple, straightforward and no BS. When the time is right, give us a try. We will always try and do whatever we can to protect your business and help you succeed.

I help you run a safe Entertainment Center, it’s that simple.