Insurance Rehabilitation Program

Enroll in a preset plan to restore your insurance health.

Let’s face it… amusements are risky. The thrill is what makes them fun, and customers coming back for more. Layers of instruction and safety measures are in place, but sometimes accidents do just happen. For those moments, your insurance is there to protect you. However, if your FEC has multiple losses it can be a sign of a deeper problem, and that problem is often reflected with higher rates for the same coverage.
What is the answer? How do you get back to a point of health? Until now there was no path to rehabilitate your insurance, but Keystone is now partnering with FUNstruction for a totally new kind of program. We recognize that often multiple losses are a result of operational and safety training. Built on the experiences of award winning years managing fast growing FECs, FUNstruction was born to help take your FEC from good to great. FUNstruction provides expert on-site business analysis, safety training and certification. Enrolling and completing the FUNstruction program can put you on a prearranged plan to steadily reduce your insurance premiums.

Keystone is the trusted partner for FEC operators across the country. Our service and face-to-face annual consultations set us apart from the competition. We look forward to partnering with you on this journey to be a better, safer and more profitable amusement operator.